Set Twig films as homework and track results

Assignments lets you set Twig's award-winning science films as homework and test your students on what they've learned. 

You can track your students' week-to-week progress and see exactly where each student would benefit from some more assistance.

Set up your students with their own Glow logins

Set assignments in seconds

1. Choose films

On any Twig film page, click 'Add to assignment'. You can also select additional films you want students to watch as part of the same assignment.

2. Choose students

Assign the homework to an entire class, a group or individual  students. 

3. Set an end date

Choose a start and end date for the assignment.

4. That's it!

When those students next log in to Twig with their student logins, your assignment will be waiting for them. 

New key points, fun facts and quizzes for each film

Assignments is part of Twig’s new teacher view and student view functionality for film pages – providing a tailored experience for teachers and students.

For students, each film now comes with key points, fun facts and a quiz to complete. While the teacher view allows you to plan your lessons, download related learning materials, create assignments and track your students’ progress.

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Track who has completed each assignment

The assignments reporting section lets you see who has started the assignment, who has finished it and how they scored in the accompanying quiz. 

You can track individual students' quiz scores over time allowing you to monitor their progress and identify any areas of difficulty. 

Making flipping the classroom easy

More and more teachers are ‘flipping the classroom’ – giving their students short videos to watch in advance of lessons, freeing up valuable class time for discussion and ironing out areas of difficulty.

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