Welcome Glow users

As you may know, as of July 31st 2017, Twig Education’s contract with Education Scotland ended. This means that Twig on Glow (www.twigonglow.com) is no longer available, by default, to all Scottish teachers. In order to access the resources, an active license for Twig Scotland needs to be held by either a local authority or an individual school. The new name of Twig Scotland, will replace ‘Twig on Glow’, as will the new online address: www.twigscotland.com.

What does this mean for me?

A number of local authorities have purchased licenses for Twig Scotland (www.twigscotland.com). For teachers in these local authorities, you will be able to access Twig Scotland resources via Glow, as usual.

If you cannot access the resources via Glow, please contact your local Glow administrator to confirm if your local authority has an active subscription.

What if my local authority does not have an active subscription?

For teachers in local authorities that have not purchased a license, individual school subscriptions are available at a preferential rate – please get in contact with us for prices and additional information.

My local authority or school has an active license, how do I log in?

Log in here with your Glow user account on the RM Unify portal.

A note from the Twig team

Thank you for all the great feedback we have received from our Scottish teachers and we hope that you continue your education adventure with us here at Twig Education!

The Twig team.