What are the minimum system requirements to play Twig films?

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP or later
  • Mac OSX 10.6 or later


  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
  • Safari (latest two versions)
  • Google Chrome (latest two versions)
  • Firefox (latest two versions)

Is my internet connection fast enough to watch Twig films?

Twig films can be streamed directly to your device at three different rates – 400/800/1400 Kbit/sec. So at 800Kbit/sec, you will need at least 0.1MByte/sec bandwidth for smooth running. However, if your broadband connection runs slowly due to high contention, then this will affect the streaming of the videos and loading of pages. You can check your Internet connection speed by using the following links:

  • pingtest.net
  • speedtest.net

Do I need to install software on my device to view the films?

Twig uses an embedded video player, which uses HTML5 Video with a fallback to an Adobe Flash player is HTML 5 video is not supported in your browser. The player supports all the most recent web browsers as listed in the system requirements section.  Adobe Flash Player is required to use quizzes on Twig.

How do I get & install Adobe Flash Player?

Go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer, download the latest version and follow the installation instructions

How can I ensure that I am seeing the latest version of the Twig site?

Twig is regularly updated with new content, but sometimes computers will store an older version of the site. To make sure you have the latest films and information, it is a good idea to activate a "force refresh" of your browser. You can do this by using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
On a PC: Ctrl-F5
Mozilla Firefox
On a PC: Ctrl-Alt-R 
On a Mac: Cmd-Shift-R
Google Chrome
On a PC: Ctrl-R 
On a Mac: Cmd-Shift-R
On a PC: Ctrl-R 
On a Mac: Cmd-R

Can I view Twig films on devices that do not support Adobe Flash?

Twig films can be viewed on mobile devices that do not support Flash. These devices include the iPad and iPhone and most new Android mobile devices. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 then Flash is required to view Twig films.

Can I use Twig on my hand held device?

The Twig site supports hand held devices including the iPad, iPhone (iOS 6 and up) and Android mobile devices (version 3.2 and up).

Watching films on your hand held device

To watch Twig films on your mobile device a browser that supports HTML5 video is required.

Quizzes on hand held devices

Quizzes are currently only available on devices that support Flash.

Downloading files on mobile devices

Some hand held devices cannot download and store files from the web. For example, zip files cannot be stored on any iOS device. All contents within the zip file, however, are available to view on hand held devices.